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 The municipality of Plan-les-Ouates

Extending over 588 hectares, the municipality of Plan-les-Ouates comprises the villages of Saconnex d'Arve, Arare and Plan-les-Ouates. Its name is thought to originate from the Gothic wato or gwatt, meaning water.

Located between the Arve and Rhône rivers, the municipality history is linked to the development of the European communication network. Route de Saint-Julien, which was once a Roman road, carries the history of the convoys linking Carouge to Lyon and beyond to the south of France.

Plan-les-Ouates was founded in 1851 when the large municipality of Compesières was divided.

Today Plan-les-Ouates has lost its rural character to become one of the most appealing suburbs in the canton of Geneva.

Balanced development has enabled Plan-les-Ouates to preserve the traditional character of its villages while developing areas of beautiful detached houses and village properties, favouring a welcome mix of accommodation.

The municipality has one of the biggest industrial areas in the canton. Located at the gateways to Geneva and Switzerland, a stone’s throw from the airport and near junctions to cross-border motorways, Plan-les-Ouates is ideally located. Many internationally renowned companies, particularly in the watchmaking, pharmaceutical, electronic, microtechnology and new technology sectors are based in the municipality.

A rise in its demographics and economy places the municipality at the crossroads of historic heritage and future prospects. It still, however, cares about preserving quality of life, supporting village fairs and events that are fundamental for social, sporting and cultural integration.

Different services


With concerts, theatre, dance, performances for young people, La Cour des Contes Festival, Culture Season, Music Festival, Le Petit Festival, La Rue du Jeu, Musical weekend, Wednesday Films and open-air cinema/theatre, artworks in the public space, exhibitions, management of decoration fund, there are many and diverse cultural activities going on in Plan-les-Ouates, even in summer.

There’s also La Julienne, a space for arts and culture located at route de Saint-Julien, 116. It has a café, exhibition space, performance room, library and activity rooms.

Fancy a bit of culture? https://www.plan-les-ouates.ch/pages/que-faire-a-plan-les-ouates/envie-d...


The municipality promotes sports activities in the area and helps associations develop their activities to benefit the population, particularly young people. The municipality coordinates initiatives connected to sports and has set up a development programme for sports activities.

Want to do some sport? https://www.plan-les-ouates.ch/pages/que-faire-a-plan-les-ouates/envie-d...

Social work

Thanks to its knowledge of the area, the municipality does its utmost to address problems in the context in which they arose and seeks to prevent future difficulties in collaboration with the people concerned. The municipality adopts a flexible approach, promotes listening and offers a personalised response. The municipality also works in collaboration with Geneva’s social work network.

Feel like meeting up? https://www.plan-les-ouates.ch/pages/que-faire-a-plan-les-ouates/envie-d...

Young children 

Families living and/or working in Plan-les-Ouates can sign their child up for child care in several ways: https://www.plan-les-ouates.ch/pages/vivre-a-plan-les-ouates/les-enfants...

To find out more about the establishments offering child care: https://www.plan-les-ouates.ch/pages/vivre-a-plan-les-ouates/les-enfants...

The economy

Watchmaking, biotech-medtech, information and communication technologies, innovative start-ups and construction are the pillars of the dynamic industries operating in the municipality. The watchmaking ecosystem is to all intents and purposes a cluster, counting more than 50 businesses (manufacturers, sub-contractors, independents, arts workshops, training centres, start-ups, employment agencies, etc.) working exclusively or in part in the areas that have led our municipality to be nicknamed “Plan-les-Watches” and “Start-up City”.

In total, there are close to 1,000 businesses offering over 13,000 jobs in nearly 200 different areas, ranging from agriculture and aeronautics to artisanship, creating a dynamic and diverse economy.

The companies: https://www.plan-les-ouates.ch/pages/vivre-a-plan-les-ouates/les-entrepr...


The environment 

The municipality works to safeguard and respect the environment. Its values are: 

  • Sustainable development: taking actions that respect the principles of sustainable development in three areas (economic, social and environmental)
  • Respect: maintain and develop the values of fairness and exemplarity
  • Resources: optimise the use of resources, increase efficiency and preserve the municipality’s development capacity
  • Quality of life: preserve and increase quality of life in our area through planning, sports, cultural, social, environmental, transport and construction policies.
  • Participative approach: taking the population’s opinion into account

Feel like being with nature? https://www.plan-les-ouates.ch/pages/que-faire-a-plan-les-ouates/envie-d...


Public transport offers a credible alternative to driving for longer journeys that cannot be walked or cycled.

Public transport

The municipality of Plan-les-Ouates is served by the following transport lines: 

  • Line D
  • Line 12
  • Line 22
  • Line 42
  • Line 43
  • Line 44
  • Line 46
  • Line 62

Timetable for TPG lines: https://www.tpg.ch/fr/lignes

Maps of the TPG network: https://www.tpg.ch/fr/plans

Léman Express

The commune is close to the Bachet and Pont-Rouge stations on the Léman Express trainline, which serves Cornavin (Geneva), Switzerland and nearby France: https://www.lemanexpress.ch/fr/


Tram line 15 is being extended in the direction of Saint-Julien. There will be two new stops in the Cherpines neighbourhood: one on the border with Rolliet close to route de Base, and the other at Cherpines main square. Construction work should be complete by the time the new residents arrive in 2023.

To find out more: https://www.ge.ch/dossier/organiser-avenir-transports/developpement-du-r...

Coming to live and work in Plan-les-Ouates

The municipality of Plan-les-Ouates currently owns 500 properties whose management is entrusted to the companies Naef and Grange via agency contracts.

To find out more about applying for accommodation: https://www.plan-les-ouates.ch/pages/vivre-a-plan-les-ouates/le-logement...

Are you looking for a job at the municipality administration? Check out this page: https://www.plan-les-ouates.ch/pages/la-commune/travailler-a-la-commune/...

Are you looking for a job in the private sector? https://www.jobup.ch/fr/emplois/?location=Plan-les-Ouates&term

Municipality authorities

Executive power in the municipality: the Administrative Council  

In municipalities with more than 3,000 residents, like Plan-les-Ouates, the executive is called the Administrative Council. It has three members. In turn, the members of the Administrative Council hold the position of mayor for one year, during which time the elected represents the municipality and presides the executive.

At the start of the term, the Administrative Council lays out a number of political priorities for the municipality. Among the many duties, they direct the municipal administration, define the budget and municipal accounts and represent the public.

For more information: https://www.plan-les-ouates.ch/pages/la-commune/conseil-administratif

Deliberative power in the municipality: the Municipal Council

It is the Municipal Council’s role to make decisions – known as deliberations – about the municipality’s annual budget, land allocation and building construction, for example, but it does not have the power to draft laws. This competence belongs to the Cantonal Assemblies (of Geneva, the Grand Council) and Federal Assemblies (National Council and Council of States).

The Municipal Council is elected for 5 years (since 2015) and the number of its members is proportionate to the number of residents in the municipality.

In Plan-les-Ouates there are 25 Municipal Councillors, as the municipality has more than 10,000 residents.

For more information: https://www.plan-les-ouates.ch/pages/la-commune/le-conseil-municipal


Find out about all events taking place in the municipality here: https://www.plan-les-ouates.ch/agenda

Date de mise à jour: 11 décembre 2023